Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Self-Portrait Challenge

Seeing as I haven't drawn or painted in a while, and portraiture has never been my strong point, I've set myself a challenge to complete a self portrait every day this week to see how I improve.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3.2

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I spent Summer 2014 in four places: Anglesey, Bisley, Deer Park and Home. Here are my favoutite pictures of the things I found and the places I explored.

It was a really hot day at work, and when I was about to go home I saw this little guy in the middle of the drive with a broken wing. He was only able to fly/hop a few paces. After I moved him to the side of the road I took some pictures because the sun was shining through his wings and it was really beautiful. I really appreciate little moments like this when I can just focus on nature and enjoy it. It's when I most feel like me.

While I was visiting Sam at Bisley we found this lizard in among his score cards. It was such a hot day and he couldn't decide whether or not to sunbathe or sleep in the shade! 

I found this baby bird on the drive, he must have fallen out of his nest while he was hatching. I loved the bright blues and the contrast with the stones so much.

On the way to the beach in Anglesey...

... and on the beach.

Big wet splashy rain as we waited in the car on holiday.

Pony hair caught on barbed wire.

Blue-y grey day and brightly-coloured leaves.

Raindrops on oak leaves :):)

Bright green trees!

I like the way the slate forms slashes through the moss in this picture.

More blue gravel in Anglesey!

Multi-coloured wall and baby seagull strutting his stuff!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Clay Tiles

I really enjoy working with clay: I like the dampness, the accidental textures made by rolling, and sponging on different types of lustre. Because I hadn't really worked with it for long when I made these I just made tiles, and focused more on the surface and painting them. My favourite is the top one because of the gold times and the ridges, and I'm not as keen on the third tile because, while I love the dappled-effect, the silver is a bit overpowering.

Monday, 8 September 2014


While I was at work I found some dead wasps, and I was pleased because I usually like to take pictures of dead things (like the rabbit I found on a walk a year or so ago). Photography is a pretty alien thing to me- I don't know much other than point, focus and shoot - and so I found it difficult to focus on the details in the wings. Having said that I like these photos and would like to try and do a painting involving them somehow- maybe blue/greens with orange flecks in a geometric-on-sponge pattern, with the wasp painted on top.

Here are the photos:

Mr. Fox Part II

Here are some pictures of my foxy post-rusting. He's still got a long way to go, but I already love his colouring and the way it brings out the patters. Part of me thinks that I should have sprayed multi-coloured paint over him instead, but I can always make something else and do that instead.

Here are some pictures, completely enhanced by the presence of Maisie the cat :P The fact that she wanted to say hello is my favourite thing about this project. With the ram's skull, it was important to me how it felt in my hands. The same is true for this piece, though the advantage is that it's structure means that I can see how other things interact with it. There is nothing cuter nor funnier than seeing the interaction between a non-plussed dog next to a fox, frozen in a comical 'Pardon me-' gesture, while he pees.

You can see some of the construction wires here- they are straight and stitch bits together,whereas in some places I have used thin wire to stitch certain bits together.

This is the colour that I love: the interplay between the blue-silver of the wire and that mustardy yellow.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Skull Paintings

These are from my AS-level project 'Skulls', which is still my favourite project to date. In general, my artwork is hit or miss, and it entirely depends on how I'm feeling when I do it. With these paintings I was keen to get to know the shape of the skulls better, but really didn't want to do another sketch. Instead I created an acrylic background using sponges, splatters and my trusty ruler. I worked into the canvas with oil pastels after drying it with a hairdryer, so that they were applied really thickly. Because of the texture the background already had, the surface of the skulls looked slightly translucent in places, which I really love. 

The top one is my favourite, but I like the way that I have created noticeably different textures with mostly just black in the second one, too. In anything I'm drawing I like to pick out the different colours playing on the surface, and the excellent thing about skulls is that the bone is often stained with grass and mud, revealing excellent colours that I have tried to imitate on the canvasses.

Sunday, 3 August 2014


It's been a while since I've drawn anything, so I had a go at this today. The picture doesn't show the colour very, but I used some gorgeous brown cardboard, which I think goes well with the woodland theme. I tried to focus on texture and proportion of the features (ignore the proportions between the animals :P). My favourite is the stag- I think he would look lovely appliqued onto a blanket.